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Bingo is a simple and exciting game that you and your friends can enjoy!  Bingo Casino pays out at least $2,000 DOLLARS every day at each one of our locations!  Here is an overview of our games that we play that puts money in your pocket.

How to Win at BINGO!

There are a variety of different ways to get paid at Bingo, but the overall method is the same as when you played it in your elementary schools.  A designated caller draws numbers at random and announces them.  The first to fill out a predetermined pattern from the numbers yells BINGO!  Once a player calls BINGO, the card is checked, and if it is a good bingo the winner is paid in CASH.  If there are more than one good bingos, the winnings are split between each winner.

Types of Bingo Games

Regular Call Bingo
Just like you played in elementary school, the caller calls a number and you mark it off on your bingo card.

Speed Ball
Speed ball is played the same as regular call bingo, but the numbers are simply called faster at a more exciting rate.

Bonanza Bingo
46 bingo numbers are drawn on a separate bingo board for everyone to see before the start of the regular session. Players can then purchase bonanza cards on a single special paper. Extra cards can be sold during the evening until the caller stops Bonanza sales. If no one achieves a Blackout in 46 numbers, the caller will draw 6 additional numbers to the 46 numbers already played. If a player attains a Blackout within the 6 additional numbers (52 numbers), that player will receive a $1,000 cash prize. If no player attains the blackout within 52 numbers, the game will continue until a player achieves a blackout for a consolation prize of $200. After playing a Bonanza game a maximum of 12 times on 12 separate days, the not-for-profit will offer a “Must GO”. During a “Must Go”, the first person to attain a blackout will win $1,000 prize no matter how many numbers are called. A player may trade in their bonanza card for $1 and in return they will receive 2 additional bonanza cards any time before the game is played.

Double Dab Bingo
Double dab bingo is played like regular call bingo, but the bingo card has two numbers per square.  If either of the numbers are called, you get to dab the entire square with both numbers in it.
Getting Paid

Mini Session
The payout of a mini game is split 50/50 between the charity and the winner.  So the more cards sold the more money that will be paid out.

Regular Session
In a regular session game the payout is $1200. Typically there is between 7-8 games in a session and the $1200 is split between those games with typically the last game being a blackout worth $500.

Progressive Jackpot
This game requires a Blackout in 48 numbers. If a player has not won within the 48, 1 number is added each session until 56 numbers are reached. The game can then hold at 56 numbers for a maximum of 5 sessions. If a player has not achieved a Blackout within the stated time frame, the not-for-profit will hold a “Must Go” where the first player to get a Blackout wins the $1,199 prize no matter how many numbers are called. The consolation prize will be $200 if no one has achieved a blackout within the pre-selected amount of numbers.

MEGA Progressive Jackpot
This progressive game requires a blackout in 50 numbers on the first night, if a player gets a blackout within 50 – the prize is $400. If there is no winner- one number is added each night till the pot is won. The consolation prize if no winner within the required numbers is $150 (on the first night it’s 50/50). 100% of all the monies, less taxes and consolation prizes goes towards this MEGA jackpot. It will grow at a fast pace as the pot is added daily!

Bingo Etiquette

Bingo players and staff are a friendly bunch and will be more than happy to assist you with any bingo problems you may have.  But there are some notes of etiquette while playing bingo that you should be aware of to keep them friendly.

SHHH… The most important unwritten rule is to not talk while the caller is calling numbers.  It is very distracting to other players and makes it difficult to hear the numbers being called.

Lucky Seats We are all creatures of habit, if someone took your unassigned assigned seat in high school you would be upset as well.  The bingo players who have their usual seats will get to the bingo hall early to reserve their seats.  If they are a little late, they may ask you to move, it is a good idea to grant their request.

Paula Wanna Cracker? Some people parrot or repeat the numbers as they are called, which can be very distracting for other players.  Please try to follow the most important unwritten rule, and keep talking to a minimum while numbers are being called.

bingo? I think... Calling BINGO stops the game, and messes up the grove of other players.  If it is a false bingo, the regular players may get upset, especially if they have crumpled up their bingo cards already…

Please smoke in designated areas. According to Kansas law we must be a smoke FREE facility, however you may smoke e-cigarettes inside if you wish.  You are also free to smoke outside at our designated locations if you wish as well.

Respect the Caller and Charities  Players may take their losing4 streak out on the caller and charities running bingo.  Please be respectful to them.  Instead of yelling “change the caller” or making other rude remarks try saying “louder, please” or “slow down, please.”  They are just trying to do their job and make your experience a fun and exciting one.  No one wants to be heckled at their job.  If there is a legitimate problem please report the problem to the bingo manager, and we will take care of it as soon as we can.

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We are now a smoke FREE facility.